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Not another Chardonnay

There is a new attention directed towards Chardonnay that currently stirs the wine world. The Chardonnays from cold climate regions, in particular, are demonstrating that there’s more to the this … Continuă lectura

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Theia, the flying pony

My 6-year old daughter inquired me the other day how does a magical pony’s breath smells like. Puzzeld and bewildered for a few moments, I quickly replied casually: „like a … Continuă lectura

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Bolyki & Bolyki

The Eger region of Hungary, for obvious reasons, continues to be better known around the world for its plump&fruity Egri Bikaver, rather that focused&elegant and ageable reds. It’s hard to compete with … Continuă lectura

28 iulie 2014 · Un comentariu

The Juhfark and the fish

Somló wines can be elusive and hard to find, even in Hungary, since it’s the country’s smallest wine region, and the ownership of the vineyards is very fragmented. Those who … Continuă lectura

15 iulie 2014 · 6 comentarii

The kiss of the dove

Palomino is a rather humble grape by appearance and taste, native of Andalucia in the southwestern Spain. But, by all means, there couldn’t be a higher gap between the average-looking white … Continuă lectura

16 mai 2014 · 2 comentarii

Remembering Turkish tea and wines

For absolutely no reason whatsoever, I remembered today the day trip from November 2012 around Izmir, in Turkey, part of of the #EWBC. Ok, maybe there was some reason after … Continuă lectura

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Not your average white wine

As a wine geek (blogger, columnist, ertc.), I get to taste many wines, which is really the wonderful thing about this passion. The downside is that sometimes is hard to … Continuă lectura

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The Polus diet

There are diets, and there are diets. I suppose that everyone is familiar with the classic food pyramid, that we were thought in school, containing greens and vegetables on the … Continuă lectura

20 noiembrie 2013 · 7 comentarii

A question of style

Although it seems that new and exciting wines are available for tasting every day , and I’m never in danger of running out of obscure options (yes, I’m the „me … Continuă lectura

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Rioja wineries trip: @ #DWCC 2013 day 4

Last year I was writing the story of the three Turkish wineries, visited during the previous edition of the #EWBC12. This year have been only two wineries visited during the … Continuă lectura

28 octombrie 2013 · Un comentariu

Rioja day 3 @ # DWCC 2013

The third day of the #DWCC debuted with one of the most interesting workshops: „Elements of flavour: soil„. We discussed the exciting case study on Mount Etna wineries, that manage … Continuă lectura

26 octombrie 2013 · Un comentariu

Rioja day 2 @ #DWCC

The second day in Logrono (the first day of the #DWCC 2013) has been filled with exciting events and tastings. The day debuted with one of the most (I dare … Continuă lectura

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Rioja day 1 @ # DWCC

Experienta spaniola a inceput oarecum sub auspicii innorate, in Madrid asteptandu-ne o ploaie si o vreme ardeleneasca. Dupa soarele orbitor si privelistile de deasupra norilor, a insemnat o usoara dezumflare … Continuă lectura

25 octombrie 2013 · 2 comentarii

Balkans. Erotic epic.

Marina Abramović is a Yugoslavian ( or balkanic) artist. Since the beginning of her career, she has pioneered the use of performance as a visual art form. The human body, … Continuă lectura

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