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Music for the taste buds

I really like the concept and labels of the „Reserva de la Musica” line of cavas from Jane Ventura (it’s pronounced „Hane”, not as in Jane-Tarzan, I found out recently). … Continuă lectura

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The slim wine

If this Sauvignonasse Bauer 2012, from the Romanian wine region of Dragasani would be a car, it would be quite the opposite of a powerful car of a wine: very little complexity, jammy … Continuă lectura

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The Borgia wine

So there you have it: this third season is also going to be the last one of The Borgia series, the last episode being also the series finale. A rather … Continuă lectura

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Bubbles. Really classy?

My (recent) passion for Cava should already be explicit to the (few) regular readers of my blog. I have a voracious appetite for this bubbly Spaniard concoction, made from tongue-twisting named grapes, with flavors ranging from … Continuă lectura

22 mai 2013 · 11 comentarii

The bling-bling of Mas Candi

It’s not difficult at all finding a pleasing, attractive and even memorable wine, provided you’re ready to pay up top money. But for most of us that’s usually not the … Continuă lectura

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The world deserves Malbec

Yesterday, the entire world joined in celebration for the annual #MalbecWorldDay. Or at least I imagine they did. It has become later an increasingly popular concept, to dedicate a specific … Continuă lectura

18 aprilie 2013 · 3 comentarii

My first wine tasting

I have attended so far countless tastings, presentations, exhibitions, samplings and other wine-related events, throughout the years I’ve been flirting with wine and the wine industry. I have enjoyed my … Continuă lectura

28 martie 2013 · 2 comentarii

The eight-months long journey of the grape juice

Almost eights months ago, one fine early August morning, I was driving impatiently through the sleepy villages along the southern route to Dragasani region, for a meeting which turned to be spectacular … Continuă lectura

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Edoardo Miroglio Pinot Noir 2007

Following the famed display of the many faces of Pinot Noir, which occured last month, I was stuck with the lingering taste of the most remarcable of the wines tasted … Continuă lectura

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The many faces of Pinot Noir

It has passed almost a week since my encounter with a fascinating lineup of Pinot Noir wines, around 13 or 14 of them (I’m already forgetting things, since I was … Continuă lectura

18 februarie 2013 · 2 comentarii

Salentein wines on a fine evening

The beginning of this year looks very promising in terms of interesting events for wine passionates to attend. One of the first events to kick-start the „wine tastings” season in Bucharest, featured … Continuă lectura

1 februarie 2013 · Un comentariu

Yo, cousin Vinny. How ‘bout some Chianti?

I have opened this bottle one late night, watching a new episode of Persons of Interest, and needing something easygoing but with a bit of pungency, to go along with … Continuă lectura

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A doubtful American Chardonnay

I  had initially a pleasant surprise from this Columbia Valley Chardonnay. Expecting very little from this basically unknown white wine, I solely relied on the power of surprise and my never ending curiosity. I … Continuă lectura

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2013 kick-off with Turkish wines

First of all, a happy new year for all wine passionates out there, and may your corkscrew never rest for more than one day! I am very excited to start … Continuă lectura

3 ianuarie 2013 · 2 comentarii


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