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The slim wine

If this Sauvignonasse Bauer 2012, from the Romanian wine region of Dragasani would be a car, it would be quite the opposite of a powerful car of a wine: very little complexity, jammy aromas, powerful oak or long aftertaste. It’s rather like a Jeep: stripped to the bare essentials for summer drinking -freshness, acidity, zestfulness, low on alcohol- can ride any terrain.

Very pale straw color in the glass, with a peppery and zesty lemon nose. Then in the mouth it goes by the textbook: vivid green herb and cucumber flavors with a touch of white peach sharpness to the acidity that gives a more cool-climate edge. On the palate is very soft, a bit of beeswax to tone down the acidity, with some minerality showing towards the finish.

Romanian white wine

Sauvignonasse with meatballs and green beans

A powerful but not overpowering companion for a light summer dish of meatballs with sauteed green beans and vegetables. It is slim, lean and fit, no extra „fat” or embellishments.

light meal with green beans and meatballs

sauteed green beans and meatballs

meatballs, green bean stew and white wine

Bauer Sauvignonasse 2012



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