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Midnight with Vourla

It has been almost three weeks since the EWBC 2012 in Izmir, Turkey, long enough to review the photos collection, long enough to get past the  „withdrawal syndrome” , and … Continuă lectura

29 noiembrie 2012 · Un comentariu

A tale of three Turkish wineries

An epic journey through the picturesque Aegean landscape of the Izmir surroundings, with views on both mountains and the sea, was scheduled on the third day of the EWBC 2012. I was … Continuă lectura

12 noiembrie 2012 · 5 comentarii

The Grand Terroir experience: wines form the craddle

Natural wine, blind tasting, scoring and wine competitions, engaging blogs’ audience, monetizing content, origins of wine and original wines -these were all subjects covered in the second day of conferencing … Continuă lectura

11 noiembrie 2012 · 9 comentarii

Technical tastings, wine communication, managing oxygen in wine, and better blogging -all in one day

After the head-aching BYOB party from the previous day, the „official” first day of the EWBC conference encompassed a lineup of captivating events, must-see and must-attend for any wine passionate. The setting … Continuă lectura

10 noiembrie 2012 · 10 comentarii

The blind dating of wines -BYOB party EWBC 2012

I have tried to imagine how does it look like to have over 80 wine passionates and twice as many wines assembled together in a great location, and last night I could see it … Continuă lectura

9 noiembrie 2012 · 3 comentarii

En route to Izmir for the EWBC conference

It was pitch-black, cold and windy when I left home this morning at 5 AM to board the first of the three flights that will take me to the long … Continuă lectura

8 noiembrie 2012 · 4 comentarii

Tuesday night’s Bordeaux

I was reading last night Anthony Bourdain‘s Kitchen confidential,  devouring chapter after chapter of cooking terms, kitchen stories and notes on what (not) to order in a restaurant, tired but … Continuă lectura

7 noiembrie 2012 · Scrie un comentariu

A wonderful Spanish white under 5 €

It’s crisp yet flavorful, supple and easy-drinking yet mouthfilling, dry and astringent yet with a fruity texture. What can one expect from this Masia La.Sala 2011: the green-but-fruity nose, of Bartlett  pears, green tea … Continuă lectura

21 octombrie 2012 · Scrie un comentariu

Romanian wine and Caribbean chicken. Or the other way?

There are few instances where the beauty of cultural fusion is more evident than with wine and food. Cultural features and traditions that would otherwise take lengthy scientific papers to be expressed are simply cooked and … Continuă lectura

14 octombrie 2012 · Scrie un comentariu

Meeting with Jean-Claude Mas and his wines

Having the chance too meet a winemaker is always interesting, meeting a famous winemaker is a rare opportunity, and having him present and offer for tasting no less than twelve … Continuă lectura

4 octombrie 2012 · 2 comentarii

Consilium Schwarzriesling 2010

Pinot Meunier (Schwartzriesling by its German Name -totally uninspired) is a grape that rarely finds its way into anything else that sparkling wine, mostly Champagne. In France, at least, it … Continuă lectura

1 octombrie 2012 · 2 comentarii

Let’s talk about beer

This is a beer that can put many respectable wines to shame. Everything about this beer shows that is not your regular „gulp-down-the-throat” lager, but an attentively prepared and aged … Continuă lectura

7 august 2012 · Scrie un comentariu

An Austrian couple

This is my first article in English, after almost one year of wine blogging. I am far from reaching the limitations of Romanian in blogging, and of Romanian wines as a topic. … Continuă lectura

21 iulie 2012 · 2 comentarii


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