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The world deserves Malbec

Argentina embassy

Malbec celebration

Yesterday, the entire world joined in celebration for the annual #MalbecWorldDay. Or at least I imagine they did. It has become later an increasingly popular concept, to dedicate a specific time of the year for a cause, a product or an event. Wine makes no exception, with the „oh-so-overrated” Beaujolais Nouveau extravaganza.

Malbec has yet to achieve the „hysteria” of Beaujolais (assuming that anybody will desire such an event), as for the moment it’s the third edition of this feast. While it is clear that it’s a purely PR effort for the moment, as it has no tradition, I think it can establish itself as a noteworthy entry in a wine lover’s calendar. I like the fact that they try to involve the local communities to replicate the celebration throughout the globe, so actually yesterday there have meed almost one hundred feasts all over the world.

Bucharest was also included in the calendar of events, with a reception and wine tasting at the

Argentina Malbec Day

Argentinian flag

Embassy of Argentina. It was a semi-formal event, located on the green patio lawn of the embassy, featuring five Argentinian producers whose wines are currently imported in Romania. For sure, the world of Malbec is significantly larger than the fifteen or so labels that we tasted during the two hours. Still, it is a very nice surprise to see the raised interest for this grape that was quite anonymous on the Romanian market until just several years ago. Quite a few of the wines have passed through my glass before, and there were many others I hadn’t tried yet.

From Luigi Bosca there were two labels presented, the Malbec 2010 with 10 month in oak, and the Lujan de Cuyo Malbec 2010 with 14 month in oak. Michel Torino wines were also present with four labels from the Don David range: Ciclos Malbec Reserva 2010, Finca La Maravilla 2010, Don David Reserve 2010, and Michel Torino Malbec 2012. My old aquaintances from Salentein brought the Portillo Malbec 2011, as well as Tamari with the 2010 wine. Not the least, Trapiche brought their retail selection, but also a nice surprise -the three 2007 wines from the Single Vineyard collection: Vina Adolpho Ahumada, Vina Fausto Orellana, and Vina Domingo F. Sarmiento.

Halewood Trapiche

Trapiche SIngle Vineyard Malbec

It was a a fascinating journey through the many faces of this very versatile grape, that can be so approachable and easy-pleasing in one bottle, full-bodied and pungent in the second, and elusive, deeply complex in the third. Oh, and they also had a sparkling rose wine from Malbec! Did you know that?


3 comentarii la “The world deserves Malbec

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  2. Razvan
    18 aprilie 2013

    N-as putea spune ca nu te urasc pentru experienta asta…

    • Mihai Oprea
      18 aprilie 2013

      Intr-adevar, a fost o experienta faina, un fel de mini master-class. Cred ca se poate organiza si in afara unei date fixe…

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