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The many faces of Pinot Noir

Edoardo Miroglio Pinot Noir

bottles for tasting

It has passed almost a week since my encounter with a fascinating lineup of Pinot Noir wines, around 13 or 14 of them (I’m already forgetting things, since I was too lazy busy to take hand notes). I’ve been really busy in the past week, covering other wines and events, and doing some honest work, and in the weekend I simply stayed away from the computer.

So there it is, I give you the grand tasting of Edoardo Miroglio‘s Pinot Noir experience -a complete immersion in the many faces and personalities of this posh grape: a sparkling rose, a still rose, a blanc de noir, and two ranges of red Pinot Noir, going neck-to-neck from 2004 until 2010.This extravaganza was facilitated by Vinibuoni, and the location was Ginger Restaurant, home of oversized and underpriced steaks, as well as a fabulous collection of Cognacs, Armanacs and whiskeys (which I took advantage of).

Let me state for the record, that I am impressed by such dedication and effort focused on one of the most notoriously …inconsistent

Edoardo Miroglio Brut Rose

rose sparkling

grapes, to say the least. It really takes some persistence and long-term planning to keep trying and investing in this grape, not mentioning also true passion and a bit of cojones. Yes, seeing so many wines lined up from a relatively new producer, reminds me that the main ingredients in succesful winemaking are: passion first, then guts and persistence. Only then comes the terroir, the vines, the winemaker and so on.

The main revelation from this tasting was a sparkling Pinot Noir Rose, perfectly balanced, with a fine stream of bubbles, intense nose and a lively taste, yet a bit old-fashioned. It reminds me of a hot summer afternoon tasting of sparkling wines. Following this high-style opening, we went through a still rose and a blanc de noir, interesting but not impressive.

After a short break, the main body of the tasting was focused on the two ranges of red dry Pinot Noir -the EM line (with four wines) and the Reserva line (with three wines). I have noticed from both ranges the 2007 vintage, which seems to get closest to my ideal of balance, fruitiness and understated complexity. Unfortunately, I can’t provide detailed tasting notes on each of them due to the above-mentioned reason, so I hope that the pictures you can see below, as well as the gallery on my Facebook page will be descriptive enough.


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