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Remembering Turkish tea and wines

For absolutely no reason whatsoever, I remembered today the day trip from November 2012 around Izmir, in Turkey, part of of the #EWBC. Ok, maybe there was some reason after … Continuă lectura

8 februarie 2014 · Scrie un comentariu

2013 kick-off with Turkish wines

First of all, a happy new year for all wine passionates out there, and may your corkscrew never rest for more than one day! I am very excited to start … Continuă lectura

3 ianuarie 2013 · 2 comentarii

Curat natural!

„Natural” este inca un termen care-si va epuiza curand semnificatiile, cel putin in legatura cu vinul. „Organic”, „bio”, „biodinamic”, „neindustrial”, „artizanal”, „traditional” au trecut pe langa etichetele vinurilor si buzele … Continuă lectura

3 decembrie 2012 · 8 comentarii

Midnight with Vourla

It has been almost three weeks since the EWBC 2012 in Izmir, Turkey, long enough to review the photos collection, long enough to get past the  „withdrawal syndrome” , and … Continuă lectura

29 noiembrie 2012 · Un comentariu

Vinurile Turciei

Turcia este o destinatie turistica cunoscuta prea putin pentru vinurile sale, insa lucrurile tind sa se schimbe repede si radical. Cultura multimilenara, soiurile nemaigasite altundeva, bogatia de dovezi la tot … Continuă lectura

14 noiembrie 2012 · 5 comentarii

A tale of three Turkish wineries

An epic journey through the picturesque Aegean landscape of the Izmir surroundings, with views on both mountains and the sea, was scheduled on the third day of the EWBC 2012. I was … Continuă lectura

12 noiembrie 2012 · 5 comentarii

The Grand Terroir experience: wines form the craddle

Natural wine, blind tasting, scoring and wine competitions, engaging blogs’ audience, monetizing content, origins of wine and original wines -these were all subjects covered in the second day of conferencing … Continuă lectura

11 noiembrie 2012 · 9 comentarii

Technical tastings, wine communication, managing oxygen in wine, and better blogging -all in one day

After the head-aching BYOB party from the previous day, the „official” first day of the EWBC conference encompassed a lineup of captivating events, must-see and must-attend for any wine passionate. The setting … Continuă lectura

10 noiembrie 2012 · 10 comentarii

The blind dating of wines -BYOB party EWBC 2012

I have tried to imagine how does it look like to have over 80 wine passionates and twice as many wines assembled together in a great location, and last night I could see it … Continuă lectura

9 noiembrie 2012 · 3 comentarii

En route to Izmir for the EWBC conference

It was pitch-black, cold and windy when I left home this morning at 5 AM to board the first of the three flights that will take me to the long … Continuă lectura

8 noiembrie 2012 · 4 comentarii

La EWBC pe aripile Liliacului

European Wine Bloggers Conference (EWBC) este un eveniment care se desfasoara anual, si a ajuns la a 5-a editie. Sub titulatura ” Digital Wine Communications Conference„, este un loc de intalnire … Continuă lectura

3 octombrie 2012 · Un comentariu


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