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A wonderful Spanish white under 5 €

Masia La.Sala

It’s crisp yet flavorful, supple and easy-drinking yet mouthfilling, dry and astringent yet with a fruity texture. What can one expect from this Masia La.Sala 2011: the green-but-fruity nose, of Bartlett  pears, green tea and young apricots  that simply says „come and drink me”; a good kick of acidity mixed with a healthy dose of chalkiness, vibrant like a Toledo steel blade; a light body, with a thin but firm fruit texture; a somewhat ripe finish with some heavier notes of ripe bananas -contribution of Chardonnay.

This Catalunyan wine –DO  Penedes– is made of the local grapes Macabeo, Xarel.Lo and a dash of Chardonnay, harvested from late August to early October; thus today it is just a little bit over one year old. What one shouldn’t expect from this pale green young wine: a deep and aromatic nose, developing as it warms up in the glass, because this wine is clean and straightforward; a fruity attack

light dinner

with lots of ripe stone fruits, because acidity and minerality is all you’ll find; a firm body with mouth-filling aromas and hidden twists, because this wine is vivacious and supple; and a lingering finish with hints of pastry and/or nuts, because a weak aroma of ripe banana it’s the best this wine can do.

It is one of  the cleanest and liveliest fresh wines, drinkable both is a hot day simply for chilling, and with a light meal in the afternoon. Normally the temperature should be as low as acceptable for a white -8-10 degrees Celsius, but I discovered that it doesn’t loose its freshness even at 18 degrees. Can be bought for just little under 5 Euros from La Chambre wine stores.


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