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Highlights for the EWBC 2012 (European Wine Bloggers Conference)

European Wine Bloggers Conference

As I have mentioned in this article, I am very happy and fortunate to be able to attend the EWBC in November in Izmir, Turkey. The EWBC (European Wine Bloggers Conference) is one of the few  international events dedicated to the convergence of wine and the web; the aim of the EWBC is to provide a platform for the global wine community to address today’s online communication opportunities about wine. This is a three-day yearly event, aimed to bring together  wine communicators from a variety of backgrounds and expertise, across national, language and professional boundaries.

In Izmir will take place the 5th edition of this event, under the theme „Sources„. This is a very well chosen theme, partly linked to the  the hypothesis that Asia Minor is one of the origins of wine-making  an partly linked to the suggestion that wine writers and professionals should strive to become sources of knowledge, not just disseminators of information. The concept has been growing gradually, both in size and in scope: EWBC 2008: La Rioja (Spain), 50 delegates; EWBC 2009: Lisbon (Portugal), 140 delegates; EWBC 2010: Vienna (Austria), 200 delegates; EWBC 2011: Brescia (Italy), 216 delegates.

This edition will encompass a wide range of events:  workshops, demonstrations, conferences, round-table discussions, visits to

Crama Liliac

nearby wineries, and of course, wine tastings! Testimony to the scale and quality of this event is the line-up of speakers : Christian Payne, UK-based photographer, videographer, social technologist and mobile media maker; France-born Pierrick Bouquet, a NYC-based social media marketing strategist; American author and winemaker Randall Grahm;renowned British wine journalist and author Andrew Jefford; leading DNA expert José Vouillamoz who collaborated on Jancis Robinson’s recent “Wine Grapes” book, and Dr. Patrick E. McGovern, an American scholar and author of Ancient Wine: The Search for the Origins of Viniculture. The tastings will be lead by  British wine experts Tim Atkin MW and Charles Metcalfe, with representatives from each country explaining the source of their wine. Other holders of Master of Wine and Master Sommelier titles have announced their attendance.

My participation to this eagerly awaited event has been made possible through the collaboration with one of the newest and most innovative wineries in Romania: amb Wine Company, makers of Liliac -The Wine of Transylvania wines. This is a wine producer that exhibits an interesting blend of old-school approach to terroir and grapes, with the newest technologies and branding strategies.


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