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Tuesday night’s Bordeaux

Chateau de Seguin 2010, Bordeaux Superieur

I was reading last night Anthony Bourdain‘s Kitchen confidential,  devouring chapter after chapter of cooking terms, kitchen stories and notes on what (not) to order in a restaurant, tired but eager to take a peek into the following chapter. Memories from my restaurant cooking adventures, almost ten years ago, started to flood my mind, almost hearing again the clattering of cutting boards and sautee pans, and shouts of „order in” and „coming up, chef„. A world that I forgot existed, and rediscovered it in these pages -all the macho display behind the cooking line, the grumpy sous-chef, the omnipresent Latino line cooks, the ceiling-high stack of dished in the washing bin, the late hours spent sharpening knifes…

I needed a cheerful wine to help me through the pages, and in the rack there it was: a youngster Bordeaux, merely 2 years old but already showing proudly some medals: 2010 Chateau de Seguin, Bordeaux Superieur, France, awarded with gold at Concours de Bordeaux Vins d’Aquitane  and Concours Generale Agricole Paris, and also a couple of silver medals. However, it was not the metal and the awards that  I was after, but rather the joy of the lively fruits, bold tannins and oaky finish that I anticipated in the wine.

And the wine managed to provide precisely that: a bright red color with thick violet reflexions, and a nose

Chateau de Seguin 2010, Bordeaux Superieur

hinting mostly of sour cherries and cloves, with very little depth even after a quick warm-up in the glass. The taste is a mouthfull  of berries and mulch, rather thick and coarse, the young tannins showing their boldness, helped also by a pungent acid finish. The aftertaste brings on the green bell pepper but also some sweeter vegetable -carrots or turnips. To my surprise, the wine is lovely easy drinking, in spite of its coarseness and high acidity. Glass after glass, as I was flipping the pages, the color of the wine moved gradually from the bottle into my cheeks. Needless to say, I fell asleep with the book on my chest and the glass leaning on my side.

Chateau de Seguin 2010, Bordeaux Superieur


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