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En route to Izmir for the EWBC conference

It was pitch-black, cold and windy when I left home this morning at 5 AM to board the first of the three flights that will take me to the long awaited event:  the 2012 European Wine Bloggers’ Conference (, also called Digital Wine Communication Conference considering the fact that wine communication is much more than just blogging, these days…

It would be an understatement to say that I’m really looking forward to it, in fact, I have been dreaming of attending ever since a good

sunrise over Transylvania

friend of mine (thanks!) dropped unintendedly the idea. There was planning, then some more dreaming and planning, and some great people on the way who helped.

Actually, I have spent more time going through the list of atendees -checking everyone’s profile and blogging experience- than I have dedicated for reservations and scheduling. There will be some fantastic people there indeed. I’m actually convinced that the main reason over 200 people from four continents enrolled, is to meet each other and share wine and wine-writing stories. Of course, there will be plenty of conferencing, tasting, workshop-ing and more tasting: there are no less that five Masters of Wine, and some more Master Sommeliers, as well as a well-seasoned crowd of bloggers and wine writers, with more wine experience than my age. Among these impressive  people, I am just a beginner wine lover and blogger, and I hope I’ll make the best of it: less drinking, more writing, and much more learning.

I’m positively excited about these coming four days of interaction, beginning with the BYOB dinner (bring your own bottle) tonight: I will have the opportunity to introduce everyone to the wines of Transylvania –Liliac Winery. I hope I’ll be able to post regularly these days, so everyone interested in my thoughts about the conference, keep checking my blog regularly.

Romanian wines in airport


4 comentarii la “En route to Izmir for the EWBC conference

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  3. alexmache
    8 noiembrie 2012

    Mult succes!

    • Mihai Oprea
      8 noiembrie 2012

      Merci, o sa incerc sa notez regulat tot ce se intampla!

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