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Jurnal elvetian (3)

Ieri a fost o zi plina de sesiuni interesante la #DWCC14, si dupa cum va spuneam in articolul de ieri, am incercat sa ma concentrez pe prezentarile si discutiile legate de comunicare, context, audiente si exemple despre diferite tipuri si modalitati de comunicare in lumea vinului.


A fost multa informatie, concentrata si suculenta, de la oameni care stiu despre ce vorbesc. Pana cand voi reusi sa diger, sa filtrez si sa decantez toate aceste cunostinte, va expun mai jos notitele mele, luate live in timpul diferitelor sesiuni. Astept cu interes comentariile si observatiile, care ma vor ajuta sa descopun mai bine utilitatea si mesajul.


Key-note: Coravin. Medical expertise, many years of trial and calibration. Context= identify a problem, a need, sometimes unspoken. The industry cannot inovate, new ideas come from outside. Price barrier or usage barrier?

roi= return of influence?
English blogging vs rest of the world
Bloogers offer interest, passion and knowledge of public taste. They expect transparency and information.
Producers-need to create a working relationship with bloggers -identify and nurture their interest.
Producer experience: website not just transted in Ch, but adapted to their searching habits and content preferences (video, qr codes, local social networks)
Integrate mobile references into every aspect of winery life, not just harvest and launching wines.
Pay special attention to younger generation -future consumers. Gamification.
Create focus on visitors -continue their journey in digital, after they left the winery.
Focus on new media environments -culinary, presents shows, airlines, etc.
Involve entire family -show „back house” happenings


Monetising the wine PR = win-win-win situation: client, consultant, communicator.
2007= no blogger please! vs. 2014= putting the app in appelation.
Evolution of bloggers: traffic wardens ( despised) – tax inspectors (accepted) – rock stars ( worshipped) – dentists ( accepted).
Future of bloggers: dustmen ( convenient) or dinosaurs (outdated)?
Bloggers must put on their ” business hats” -understand the cycles and flows of the wine world vs how wine tastes.
Producers need to sell wine, communicators need to sell their passion and stories.
Producer & communicators need to work together, both have a tough job, with small margins.


Robert Joseph
Wine writing is in trouble. All wring is in trouble.
Less than half of wine articles are completely indendent of any PR.
3 types of wine bloggers: independent, free-hunters, paid. Bloggers should be concerned also with wine trade news, not just fashionable news.

Bloggers are being left out of the wine communications: producers and retailers communicating and engaging directly the audience.
There are many audiences left untapped by wine communicators.



Vivino -the future of wine engagement, ot just another social network, with people hunting self-gratification?

Modern customers prefer to find their own information, rather than being „thought” and „educated”.


Seara s-a incheiat placut si spectaculos, cu un spectacol traditional elvetian, cu tulnice, clopote, fondue, vinuri locale din Montreux din Chasselas si Gamay, schnaps de pere, si multa distractie.



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